24 (Live Another Day) Season 9 Episode 2 (s09e02)

24 (Live Another Day) Season 9 Episode 2 (s09e02)

Hi, I am Emma and I love writing movies reviews You have to see this cartoon before your life ends. While watching this cartoon, I just felt like I was on drugs. Leave your kids in another room, and let it play! If you gave this cartoon a bad note, you need a psychiatrist. I couldn't forget to mention music, everyone will agree with me, music fit just perfect for this cartoon. Truly impressive and hilariously interesting cartoon. Yes it's true, you'll need to spent some time on wikipedia to understand every conversation. Can you find any better cartoon that has better mix of characters and dialogues in itself? Like always after watching this cartoon, it makes me want to reexamine this director all productions.

TV Series: 24 (Live Another Day)

Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery

Country: United States

Quality: HD

Views: 567

Season #: 9

Episode #: 2