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Hello, I'm Martin and I love documentary movies I have only one dream for this saturday evening, watch this tv series again! While watching this tv series, I just felt like I was on drugs. I don't even remember any bad moment from this tv series, it just doesn't exist. I wish there was 11/10 rating. You might not know that but this tv series was inspired by true story. If you read this review, I can make you sure this tv series is really good. This was unexpected, I thought Rococo: Travel, Pleasure, Madness will be terrible, but I loved it. Can you find any better tv series that has better mix of characters and dialogues in itself? It's just super interesting if you like documentary movies.

Episode count: 6

Actors: Romane Simon, Ranita Coleman, Howie Mandel

Genre: Other

Country: United States

Views: 168