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Hello I'm Mark and I'm reviews writer for top movies It's 2015 after premiere, but still this tv series is very popular. I really can't believe anyone can dislike this tv series. This tv series was so great it drove me to write here review, first time for a long time really. You'll change your mind after watching this tv series, I'm sure. That performance is amazing and stunning, you just can't miss it. Truly impressive and hilariously interesting tv series. Yes it's true, you'll need to spent some time on wikipedia to understand every conversation. How far can this director go with his productions? We'll see with his new tv series coming soon. Like always after watching this tv series, it makes me want to reexamine this director all productions.

Episode count: 11

Actors: Tia Lynn Ballard, Terri Doty, Stephen Hoff

Genre: Animation

Country: Japan

Views: 110