The Book Of The Three Hans

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This anime was made by one of the greatest anime producer in this business. For me? the biggest surprise of the year 1996–1997, absolutely amazing. There is a deep story behind this anime. I don't even remember any bad moment from this anime, it just doesn't exist. If you gave this anime a bad note, you need a psychiatrist. This anime is eyes opening masterpiece. You know what make this anime so special? Conversations and actors. You will need to think long and deep to understand everything after watching. How far can this director go with his productions? We'll see with his new anime coming soon. It's just super interesting if you like anime movies.

Episode count: 27

Actors: Il-guk Song, Hye-jin Han, Seung-su Kim, Kwang-leol Jeon

Genre: Biography, Drama

Country: South Korea

Views: 229