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Hello to everyone, I'm Paul and I write tv series reviews for this website There is a big list of movies in my head, I can't recommend most of them, but it ain't one. While watching this tv series, I just felt like I was on drugs. Movie not for everyone, like all the movies in documentary category. I find this tv series as a tv series with one of the best conversations in movies history. You can call me insane but I'm not alone, there is a reason why this tv series is in top 100 imdb, people love it. I watched this tv series with low expectations and it surprised me. Let's be honest, it is better than any in its genre You don't need to register here to watch this tv series online, it is available for free on your iphone and computer. If you don't have anything to do right now, sit on your couch, get some chips and watch I Escaped: Real Prison Breaks online.

Episode count: 10

Actors: Kathryn Mewes, Rupert Houseman

Genre: Other

Country: United Kingdom

Views: 181