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Hi to everyone, I'm Elijah and I'm in love with this kind of movies Freezing Vibration is this anime, you will watch it many many times in your life. You will stay impressed for the very long time after watching this anime. They just broke new ground for a genre anime. You should let this anime to play on your mind as it did with me. I couldn't forget to mention music, everyone will agree with me, music fit just perfect for this anime. If you read this review, I can make you sure this anime is really good. Yes it's true, you'll need to spent some time on wikipedia to understand every conversation. This anime is discovery of the 2013 year. It's just super interesting if you like anime movies.

Episode count: 13

Actors: Zachary Bennett, Christian Potenza, Cory Doran

Directors: Tom McGillis

Genre: Comedy, Animation

Country: United States

Views: 143